I join a vast mass of those who do not understand Trump. Like them, I was appalled he was a successful candidate and shocked that he won. All my judgement, awareness, and background were for naught. Thus humbled (with an equal serving of fright), I offer my next guess. You judge if it fits.

Another past letter here offered the premise that Trump (not sorry I can’t, in conscience, use his current title) suffers from a condition known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As such he is his own god, an emotional black hole. He has no moral base. Everything relates to himself. Events and comments are either an acceptable praise for Trump or an attack on Trump! Criticism, always taken personally, results in counterattack — tweet, tweet. 

Give him his due, he is a genius in offering a message his target audience approves. But his words are just the medium used for manipulation. They have no validity. I offer “NATO is obsolete!” and “NATO is no longer obsolete!” as one of many examples. Another is his reaction to the gas attack killing Syrian children.

Based upon my premise above, I question whether he really responded to the gassing deaths of Syrian children on an emotional level. His message was on point in communicating to an extended audience horrified by this war crime. But I suggest there was no personal emotional reaction on his part to this grotesque event. Instead he took the latest Syrian gas attack as a personal affront. He had criticized Obama’s response to the previous Syrian gas attack. And now he was one challenged on the very same terms. This challenge was what was unacceptable to him! Thus the cruise missile counterattack.

Does it matter that his reactions are strictly related to the resulting impact on himself? Yes! He received credit for behaving more presidential in this situation. I submit, not so! If you seek an understanding of how Trump will react to events such as those he will face for the next less than four years, do not search in the fields of presidential growth. Repeating, he only saw the gas attack as impacting himself, a serious absence of normal human reaction.

I am sure many hope that Trump will change his behavior for the better.

Given his psychic condition, it will not happen. For that I am sorry!

John E. Meyn, Friendship