Speaking of and in praise of greatness, with just two weeks shy of the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing … never to be outdone by history, fact or the truth, President Donald J. Trump becomes the first U.S. president to waddle across the line of demarcation and touch down for a landing on the terra firma of the DMZ. 

An achievement never before even imagined, let alone attempted. Uncanny! Colossal! 

Is this not the most stupendous feat ever attempted by any man, let alone a president of the United States? Obama, eat your heart out! 

The best part is that he lives to enjoy the fruits of his bottomless imagination. Oh and it gets better. For a topper, President Trump goads his little dumpling-pie pal Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to go 12 steps farther and we all got to witness it as it was captured on precious footage and beamed across the globe for the momentous occasion, as this dynamic duo sauntered from the DMZ into the DPRK — small hand in smaller hand for the first Unar landing of our very own Supremacist Leader of the USA. 

I think there is a little bit of Un-envy and Trump, never one to be outdone, is going for the gold. 

I understand the president has also been floating the idea for a life-time appointment for himself to his office. That should make the clean-election supporters quite pleased as it would surely and effectively take the big money out of presidential elections, for good. He is onto something here. Brilliant! 

Some of the controversy about the name change for the office of president of the U.S. and his lifetime appointment stems from Trump’s seemingly incessant desire to rebrand and re-invent everything he manages to set his cloven hooves upon, and his detractors are in a bit of a snit over it... Maybe they just lack imagination or are jealous or both. 

Tell me, is this president and his family not the incarnate of P. T. Barnum and NASA rolled into one great ball of waxy goo?!

Don’t you think it’s about time for the so-called liberals and their propaganda machine, also known as the free press, to concede that Trump is not only making and keeping America great again, but he is also making the world a safer-than-ever and a better place for everyone, especially for those who are in lockstep with the Biblical clause granting dominion, espoused in Genesis. 

As far as his critics go, no doubt that crowd just doesn’t know when they have it good, let alone great! 

Trump also appears to have given new meaning to “the whisperer.” Has he not in fact put a kinder more human face and whispered-on some of the liberal world’s most reviled and notorious bogeymen? From Putin, Duterte and Netanyahu, to Un, just to name a few, humanizing these men of men to be appreciated as upstanding figures, so that most anyone might empathize with their motivations. This is perhaps one of this president’s most truly undercelebrated and unheralded talents, if not gifts. 

I ask you, is he not always on the side of right, perhaps to an extreme, but never to a fault? 

Let’s face it, with his charm and good looks, not to mention that fabulous bale of hair he sports on top of that magnificent stable genius head of his, has he not given a fresh new twist to those advertisements from the ’60s, “If I only have one life to live, let me live it as a blond” and “Only his hairdresser knows for sure”? 

Isn’t it about time that whatever the concoction and technology would yield such a spectacular bouffant be shared with the world? I’d think there must be a lucrative market for “Trump’s Blorange” by Ivanka. 

As we prepare for another Day of Independence, lest we not forget and may we give many thanks that our wonderful president or SLOTUS, hailing from the great city of New York, has truly liberated our great land and its peoples from being a party to that which may be misconstrued, or what might be considered, sanity. 

This magnificent specimen, will no doubt be remembered as the “He did it his way” president. 

For all the forever-Trump loyalists and adoring subjects, In Trump We Trust and Trump Bless America. 

Neil Krane, Thomaston