In response to “Resolution affirming diversity and inclusiveness,” I’d like to make the following comments.

This “symbolic” expression of solidarity with the principles laid out in the resolution is all well and good, but falls short of truly raising consciousness in the community about what should be focused on, which is a sincere, proactive approach to dealing with bias and intolerance in any form.

Chief Bucher reports that two-thirds of hate crimes are not reported. One of those crimes that went unreported was that shots were fired at the Adas Yoshuron Synagogue in town. It is baffling why, especially in the wake of several anti-Semitic assaults on synagogues and Jewish Community Centers across the country, this incident was not called in to the police.

The question remains, then, what can local police do, beyond reporting these events to the Maine Attorney General’s Office, to effectively stem the tide of hate crimes? The public needs reassurance that the reporting of incidents of hate and intolerance will receive the appropriate attention and action from the town.  

In addition, it is not unimportant that public slurs directed at LGBT citizens are happening on our streets. This extremely hurtful form of bigotry should be reported, and the offender identified, if possible.  

Whether or not this resolution is adopted by the town, it’s imperative the reported acts of bias and intolerance receive the appropriate redress, legal or otherwise.

Bryan Jones, Thomaston