Today’s Congressional Budget Office score confirms the very real and dangerous implications of Speaker Ryan’s plan — it will create chaos in the system and leave people worse off than before. This plan will do everything that most Americans oppose: 32 million will lose their coverage while insurance premiums double.

There is no doubt that this bill will make it harder for individuals, small business owners, family doctors, and Maine’s rural hospitals to make ends meet. That’s unacceptable.

This bill is a bad deal for Maine. It will raise health care costs for our seniors, hurt our hardworking families, and pull the rug out from under thousands of Mainers battling opioid addiction. 

Congress should not pass any bill that makes things worse and not better. But this CBO score confirms that Speaker Ryan’s bill would do just that by taking away health insurance from millions and raising premiums for millions more.

The Affordable Care Act has been good for Maine. Our uninsured rate has fallen by 25 percent — including a 32 percent decline for working Mainers. Maine seniors and people with disabilities have saved an average of $986 a year in drug costs.  

Going backwards is indefensible. We are counting on Senators Collins and King to reject this bill and continue to approach any ACA replacement proposal with extreme caution. We can and must do better. Congress needs to go back to the drawing board and come back with a plan that results in better coverage, lower costs, and improved health for children and adults.

Emily Brostek, Executive Director, Consumers for Affordable Health Care (