Mainers are fortunate this November to be able to make a meaningful choice in casting our vote for U.S. Senator. I am not referring to the choice between the Democratic and Republican nominees who represent the politics of corporate interests and the preservation of the status quo. Actually, Mainers have a choice in the independent candidacy of Lisa Savage, a former school teacher and union negotiator and well-known peace and climate change activist. Unlike the two “Republocrat” candidates, Lisa does not accept corporate donations and is therefore able to respond to the people’s demand for universal health care, an economic recovery based on climate justice not the maintenance of the military industrial complex, and a foreign policy based on an equitable sharing of the world’s resources.

The combination of the global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter uprisings has made it clear that politics as usual have created a divide between wealth, privilege, and entitlement leaving behind the workers, the prison nation, the homeless, and those without adequate health care.

Now is the time to say “No!” to the lesser of two evils, to say No! to corporate and party politics as usual. It is no longer a question of which party controls the White House or the Congress, but which candidate has the courage and integrity to promote real and lasting change. Lisa Savage has a track record of speaking truth to corporate power and standing with those marginalized at the bottom of our steep economic ladder.

Change is possible. Make change a reality. Vote for Lisa Savage (#1 ranked choice) for U.S. Senator from Maine when you vote in November.

Maureen Ostensen, Hope