Hey, “Free Press” and readers, you are rapidly approaching a monoculture.

There is almost no diversity of political discussion in these pages. In a tabloid that weekly features a column with the attached cartoon of an exploding Governor LePage, there are numerous other articles and letters all extolling the progressive cause, while excoriating any conservative view. With the exception of a very rare conservative letter, the “Free Press” is almost 100 percent liberal.

Can there not even be a grain of goodness to be found in the soaring economy; record low unemployment; record consumer confidence; business de-regulation and tax reform that have created 6.6 million jobs that are unfulfilled today; all-time record highs on the S & P and NASDAQ indices; hope for a North Korea solution; and near-elimination of ISIS? Nothing worthwhile here at all?

But one unintended slip of the tongue from a Florida gubernatorial candidate, or one flippant tweet from the President, and all of the above are meaningless?

It is this kind of bias in reporting, not the facts in the reporting, that cause observers to claim “fake news.”

Even the cable news channels give a modicum of oppositional free comment. Is that an impossibility in the “Free Press” community?

Ralph “Doc” Wallace, Rockport