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Monday, February 24, 2020
  • The Belfast Library was packed on February 4. We had come to hear Dr. Jeffrey Wells, a mild mannered National Audubon conservation biologist, talk about what the climate crisis means for birds
  • In this bicentennial year, Maine has an historic opportunity to right persistent wrongs that have afflicted tribal-state relations for years
  • In the fall of 2018, I traveled to Fredrikstad to look into Nordic Aquafarms’ operations there
  • Barbara Tuchman’s “The March of Folly” documents events through history when governments took actions not in their national interest despite many contemporary reasonable voices arguing against those actions
  • The harbor is our crown jewel. A few years of the large cruise ships will negate that — looming on the horizon and blocking shoreline views — and the pollution they create will be devastating to the fragile ecosystems of our harbor
  • Let us be leaders by giving it our maximum effort at averting complete disaster by creating an alternative to fossil fuel consumption with a nuclear option and call it something like “Planet Rescue” or the “Earth First Strategy.”
  • Don’t waste your time, Mr. Poliquin, with focus-group derived talking points designed to convince the unsuspecting that more democracy, as in ranked-choice voting, is the problem
  • Kindness. Respect. Integrity. Not only are these traits vital to our day-to-day lives, but also essential to our very survival. Regrettably, not everyone is seeing the value in such heart-driven principles
  • I do not understand why the Christian right reveres this man [Trump]. Do you not read the same Bible as I? What of Jesus’s parable of the Good Samaritan, or the words to love others as oneself, or the words of Jesus’s brother James telling us to care and provide for those in need?
  • I call on you to resign, since you have failed to uphold your duty to serve the people instead of the powers that be
  • Susan Collins was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996, promising in that year and again in 2002 to serve only two terms (12 years total), even signing a document supporting a Constitutional amendment to limit terms
  • Trump’s phony “peace plan” violates law, morality, and the best traditions of U.S. foreign policy. He will perpetrate a further historical and humanitarian calamity. Once again his conduct brings to mind a Roman leader’s comment on the destruction of Carthage: “They have made a desert and called it peace.”
  • We are writing to urge you to vote Yes on 1
  • I am old enough to remember the sheer terror felt by school kids over polio until there was a vaccine. The images of kids’ lives spent living in an iron lung are still very clear to me. Please do an online search about this and educate yourself
  • Voting “no” on Question 1 will help protect your children and grandchildren and the health of our community at large
  • Let us continue to support and sustain reasonable legislation that protects children and individuals from vaccine-preventable diseases. Voting “no” on Question 1 is the best we can do!
  • We know when Susan Collins uses the words “disturbing” and “troubling,” she is going to feint to the center as if she were serving the people of Maine and democracy
  • Thanks for the kind embrace of fish farm opponents and their pseudo-scientific double-talk baloney regarding “carbon footprint.” The carbon footprint of us all and everything we do in life is staggering and is part of climate change....
  • I’m afraid senators who voted “no” on calling witnesses are going to find out that they’ve hitched their wagon to a black hole, not a star. Whatever the scripted excuses, unless they’ve spent the last three years on a desert island ...
  • Dear Community: I am old enough (72) to remember a time before we had a viable polio vaccine. You were very careful going to local pools, and anytime you got a summer cold, your family worried. Scary pictures were around us ...
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