Members of the Camden Conservation Commission have begun collecting signatures on a petition that would place a single-use bag ordinance on the November ballot.

Commission Chair Roger Rittmaster said the petition began circulating on Monday and he expected it to have 100 signatures by the end of the next day. He confirmed the intent of the petition is to bypass a decision by the Camden Select Board.

The board voted 3-1 on August 21 not to adopt the ordinance that would have banned single-use plastic bags and levied a ten-cent fee on paper bags distributed by stores. Instead, the Select Board opted to forward the ordinance for further examination to Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corporation, which handles recycling and municipal solid waste for Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville and Hope. The board did approve a related ordinance proposal to ban single-use food containers made of polystyrene, commonly called Styrofoam.

Conservation Commission member Molly Mulhern said the Select Board rejected the commission’s recommendation to place the ordinance on the ballot. “Our evidence is solid and the townspeople spoke at the [August 21] public hearing, but still the board declined to let the people have the chance to vote on it. So we are petitioning to get the people of Camden to make up their own mind,” Mulhern said.

The wording of the proposed ban states that encouraging the use of reusable bags while discouraging “disposable single-use carry out bags” is in the best interest of Camden residents and visitors, as well as the natural resources of the region and state.

Camden Town Clerk Katrina Oakes, who created the official petition form for the group, said 287 signatures must be submitted no later than September 17, the day before the Select Board is scheduled to approve the final version of the warrant.