Bevelyn Beatty
Bevelyn Beatty
Republican House candidate Bevelyn Beatty of Belfast is facing a misdemeanor charge of assault for an altercation that occurred at a Bangor nightclub in May 24, 2017, according to state criminal records. A video recorded by a patron that was provided to The Free Press shows Beatty, 26, arguing with other patrons for letting a male use the women’s rest room at the Half Acre Nightclub. Another video shows Beatty from a different angle repeatedly hitting another woman. In a phone interview, Beatty confirmed that she has a court date in April for an assault charge, but she declined to comment further because the case is pending.

Beatty, who is currently in Colorado with her street ministry, did address her previous brushes with the law. Between 2009 and 2010 while in her late teens in Charlotte, North Carolina, Beatty was arrested on a series of charges including assault with a deadly weapon, felony larceny, trespassing and conspiracy felony, according to criminal records. According to her “At the Well Ministries” website, Beatty landed in jail for seven days, was sentenced to five years probation and “surrendered her life to Jesus in jail.”

“I want people to know I am not your typical innocent candidate,” wrote Beatty in a text message. “I have been arrested before, I have been homeless before, I was shot in the leg at 14 in North Carolina and also stabbed in my back literally at 16 years old by a group of girls that bullied me growing up in North Carolina. I come from a hard knock life and hard background. My mother was a single woman on drugs and diagnosed bipolar and my father was absent at times due to his life of crime and discord with my mother, and this subjected her to taking care of 5 children alone.”

Beatty said that before she was saved by Jesus, she was a “wretched person” but now her life is renewed and she is “clean under God.”

“So it is possible for someone to turn from their wicked ways and be holy,” wrote Beatty. “That is the whole point of the gospel: to repent. No one comes to God perfect, they come to him dirty and unclean. But it is the blood of Jesus that cleanses us, and makes us whole again to where we are now a living sacrifice without blemish.”

Beatty is running unopposed for the Republican nomination for the Maine Legislature in House District 97, which comprises the towns of Belfast, Northport and Waldo. A primary election between Belfast Democrats Janice Dodge and Caitlin Hills will be held on June 12.