I wonder if President Trump sees the irony (not that irony is something one associates with our un-popularly-elected president) in his behavior: when he’s not denouncing everything he disagrees with as “fake news,’’ he spends a disproportionate amount of his time creating his own fake news. The best recent example, of course, is his totally fabricated, and totally discredited, claim that President Obama wiretapped his Trump Tower hang-out. (See below.)  

Whether he’s creating news or reacting to it, his chosen vehicle is the tweet, a compact form of communication that, to his credit, will permit his presidential library to be comfortably housed in one of the garages at Mar-a-Lago.  Recently his tweets have had a focus: he’s obsessed with leaks from his White House. And no wonder: he’s not merely worried that his policies, such as they are, will be undermined by infighting and surreptitious staff leaks.

No, what he’s clearly worried about is that someone will leak to the press communications from his psychiatrist. Which makes eminent sense, as you will see from a few letters that were recently made available to me.

I have pledged not to reveal my sources, but I will say they are not the British government, nor the FBI, nor WikiLeaks, nor the KGB, not even his putative successor Mike Pence.

What I’ve been given are copies of a couple of letters from his chief psychiatrist — and the copies are not completely legible. I have no idea how my contact obtained them, but I have verified their provenance.

“Dear Mr. Trump,” [the most interesting letter that’s been leaked to me begins] “As I said in our [word or words missing], your psychosis is not helped by the severe pressures you have been under since your victory in November.  I can understand that my previous recommendation, that you cease all tweet activity, is a very difficult one for someone with your advanced narcissistic personality disorder.

So let me strongly reaffirm, as we discussed in our last meeting at Mar-a-Lago, that you initiate a system under which your chief of staff has [word or words missing] over your twitter account and thereby assures that all of your tweets are reviewed prior to being sent out.”

In another communication, whose context shows it’s recent vintage: 

“I think it’s important that I re-affirm my suggestion from our recent meeting in writing. As has been essentially proven beyond doubt by United States government officials, your accusation that your predecessor, President Obama, wire-tapped your residence in Trump Tower during the presidential campaign is false.


As I have made [word or words missing], I am sympathetic to the occasional hallucinatory effects of one of the medications I have prescribed for your neuroses. But to the extent it clearly has a positive calming effect on your advanced paranoia, the medicine is a net positive. I must strongly reiterate, however, that, under the circumstances, it’s extremely important for your own mental health that you apologize publicly to anyone you might have offended as a result of your occasional hallucinations. The absence of such a public reconciliation only exacerbates your paranoia. As you are aware, I am working diligently to find a substitute medicine that will have no negative side effects.’’

An earlier letter’s congratulatory remarks make it clear that it was sent shortly after the November presidential election.

“…the success of your [word indecipherable] is indeed worth my sincere congratulations in writing. I have been privileged to work with you for so many years and to note the improvement in your behavior. But let me take advantage of this [word or words missing] to re-emphasize the issue that I stressed while you were campaigning: the megalomania that has continued to characterize your behavior is something I fear could severely damage your presidency.

I must remind you that you have agreed repeatedly to me that you will cease using words in referring to yourself such as ‘greatest’ or ‘fantastic’ or ‘incredibly amazing’ in favor of a more modest approach. I appreciate that part of your appeal, on your television show, as well as during the campaign, was your enthusiasm about your own talents and accomplishments. However, as we have so frequently discussed, boasting by individuals with the extreme form of obsessive-compulsive behavior you exhibit often results in indefensible claims, subsequent embarrassment and even more bizarre behavior.  

But let me end this letter on a positive note by thanking you for reminding me that our relationship has lasted longer than yours with any of your three wives, and, most importantly, by congratulating you on your current control over public boasting about your sexual exploits. I am glad to see that your inferiority complex, which was the primary motive for such boasting, has apparently been satiated by your election as president.

P.S. I’ve enclosed another bottle of those pills that help you control your paranoia. Per your request, and my observation, I’ve doubled the dosage.”