The leading article on the front page of the August 25th edition of The Free Press was titled “Book Drop for Democracy.” Included in the words to the Pledge of Allegiance is the word “republic.” In Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution the word “republican” (not to be confused with the party) is used, guaranteeing to every state in the union a republic form of government.

Is there a difference between a republic and democracy? The simple answer is yes. A republic functions based upon a set of laws. At the foundation of our country is our Constitution. There is stability in that. A democracy functions based upon the majority vote of the citizens. What is popular at one time can change with another vote. There are no individual rights under the law. That can result in the lives of citizens becoming very unstable.

More explanation on this subject is available on the internet. Just type in the words “republics and democracies” and read what the authors have to say. There is also a reprint of a speech given some years ago, under the same title, which is available in booklet form. It is clear and well stated.

Brian Dobbs, Cushing