Citizens of Maine: You have the opportunity to make history this fall. Will you? You can elect a woman who is independent of both contentious parties and inspire the rest of the country to do likewise in the future. Lisa Savage, running independent, has Green values, consisting of:

1. Ecological wisdom — We must reverse course or the sixth mass extinction will eventually engulf us as well. Huge wildfires and intense flooding are the consequence of ecological insanity. If we take care of Mother Nature, she will take care of us. Indigenous people have known this for millennia. Not so a stock market–obsessed economy.

2. Social justice — At a time when millions of people are facing eviction due to loss of jobs through no fault of their own, the super-rich are continuing to accumulate wealth. Is there anything any more obscene than that? The criminal justice system is exactly that. Criminal itself! And more.

3. Grassroots Democracy — Does anyone reading this doubt that what we have now is rule of corporate power, by corporate power, and for corporate power in a cruel perversion of Lincoln’s ringing words? All votes matter! End contorted gerrymandering and assorted voter suppression schemes.

4. Non-violence as a methodology for resolving disputes, both domestically and internationally — This barrage of police murders has to stop if we are ever to achieve “domestic tranquility.” Likewise, regime-change wars have to be terminated, and military bases in other people’s countries closed, freeing up vast sums of money for health care, infrastructure, and other beneficial investments.

Lisa’s life trajectory has reflected these values, and she will not be bought by corporate interests. She refuses corporate donations on principle. As to the question of “experience,” wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a true Mainer in office who has “no experience” in the wheeling-dealing, unprincipled behavior so prevalent in Washington? Sen. Margaret Chase Smith set a wonderful example by confronting the tyrannical rhetoric of Joseph McCarthy. Lisa Savage will confront the military industrial complex with the same kind of independent Maine courage. Please vote her first in Maine’s first-in-the-nation for federal office ranked-choice voting.

Jon Olsen, Jefferson