I am voting for Chloe Maxmin to represent Maine Senate District 13 on November 3. In Chloe’s words, “This campaign is not about Party. It’s about values. Our work is about respect, listening, inclusivity, and fighting for each other. It’s also about modeling a new kind of politics that is responsive and transparent that prioritizes our community, and can be held accountable by the people.”

For 10 years, I taught first grade. As a teacher, I created a community similar to Chloe’s values: respect, listening, inclusivity and taking care of each other. Chloe represents these traits as she models communication skills, transparency and inclusivity. I have been able to reach out to her throughout the years. She is an excellent listener and follows through on what is asked of her. Please join me voting for Chloe Maxmin on Tuesday, November 3.

In kindness,

Karen Kleinkopf, Damariscotta