I met Chloe Maxmin during the launch potluck for her Senate campaign this past January and was immediately drawn to her value-guided campaign rooted in community service. I am moved by resilient leaders of character who show competency, performance along with high ethical standards, and Chloe epitomizes these traits. Her current service representing House District 88 shows she is a capable leader who is accessible, and constituent driven. Chloe responsively represents our midcoast community with skill and passion, caring for, and prioritizing, our needs now and out to the future.

Chloe demonstrates her commitment to our community by pausing her campaign to focus on the COVID-19 crisis impacting our community. She assembled a team and network of volunteers to call over 13,500 individuals, including every senior in the district, to help them connect to needed resources. Pivoting her State Senate campaign reveals her strength of conviction and connection to all of us.

I returned home to Nobleboro after completing 24 years of Army service, and during that time was introduced to many different types of leaders and leadership. I can tell you without a doubt, Chloe represents the best parts of a true leader — one who acts with integrity and responsibility toward all of us. Chloe’s Maine Senate District 13 campaign builds community, supporting and providing for all of us together.

Tina Streker, Nobleboro