We read that every day in the United States four women are murdered by men. Like people getting bit by dogs, men killing women in America can hardly be called front page news.

Yet, on a day when President Trump's campaign manager and personal attorney were both found guilty of felonies — garnering huge rubrics all over the world — Fox News ignored it and instead headlined a story on one particular man who killed a woman.

One must admit that the usual practice of powerful men cheating on their wives and buying their way out of it is not as serious as a non-white man killing a white woman — which clearly violates our traditional racial and sexual norms.

The last time a Republican president’s best and brightest were convicted in such numbers was over 40 years ago when Richard Nixon awoke to see their pictures on the front page of The New York Times.

And yet this earth-shaking news of President Trump’s personal lawyer and his campaign manager — who are about to be “locked up” for felonies — went unnoticed by Fox News, which, instead, headlined a story of one of the 1,600 men who kill a woman each year in the United States.

Because there seems to be no paucity of men who kill women every day, there will certainly be a couple of murders from which Fox News can choose the next time another one of President Trump’s golden inner circle is convicted of a felony.

Or, if Fox News is lucky, a woman will be bitten in the face by a pet chimp or swallowed by her pet python. Although it is not as significant as reporting on the fall of a U.S. president, at Fox it will pass for news.

The humble Farmer, Robert Karl Skoglund, St. George