I first met Jon Liberman at a nomination event in Wiscasset, where he and other candidates for the job of District Attorney spoke to the public to tell us why they felt they should be recommended for appointment by the Governor. District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau had been appointed to a judgeship, thus creating the vacancy for District Attorney in Prosecutorial District Six, which encompassed all four midcoast counties.

I listened to the candidates and was immediately impressed with Jon Liberman. He presented himself as a kind, compassionate professional and family man, who wanted to lead the group of men and women working in each of the four District Attorney offices bringing justice to midcoast Maine. I have known the former District Attorney, Geoffrey Rushlau, for several decades and have a great deal of respect for him. His choice of Jon Liberman to be his deputy District Attorney told me that he saw great potential in Jon’s abilities.

Jon Liberman was appointed as the District Attorney and has done a great job since taking the reins as the lead prosecutor. I am particularly happy that he solicits input from the law enforcement community in his day-to-day operations. I have also heard him say that he values input from the public he serves. I have met with him and discussed several issues over the past year with very positive results.

I believe Jon Liberman is a professional District Attorney who believes in public service and truly wants to do the best job he can for the citizens of the midcoast. He has the skills and compassion to lead his staff in collaborating with the wide range of organizations needed to achieve positive results in the criminal justice system of midcoast Maine. This is why I encourage voters to support him in the upcoming election.

Jeffrey C. Trafton, Waldo County Sheriff