Editor’s Note: The bottom photo illustrates a Maine Republican Party emailed fundraising pitch. It shows, left to right, First District Democratic U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree; Democratic state Rep. Chloe Maxmin, of Nobleboro; and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York. All support the Green New Deal.
Editor’s Note: The bottom photo illustrates a Maine Republican Party emailed fundraising pitch. It shows, left to right, First District Democratic U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree; Democratic state Rep. Chloe Maxmin, of Nobleboro; and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York. All support the Green New Deal.
" “Into the socialist abyss”! "
Our Confronting the End of Everything series discusses how, politically, Maine people could help avoid the human-caused environmental disasters facing the earth. These include global warming, a million species risking extinction, and the alarming decline in the numbers of insects and birds.

Below is the “GOP Weekly Radio Address” transcript emailed to the news media on October 4 by the Maine House Republican office. Peter Lyford is a businessman and third-term representative from Eddington, in Penobscot County.

Beneath that is a fundraising pitch sent out by the state Republican Party on February 8. Jason Savage is the party’s executive director.

Both deal with climate change. Both reflect, in tone and substance, global-warming-denier President Donald Trump’s 2016 takeover of the national GOP and former Gov. Paul LePage’s 2010 takeover of the state party. LePage also dismissed climate-change concerns.

The fact that LePage was successful six years before Trump (“I was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular”) demonstrates that the movement of the party on this and other issues to a strident, ideological, detached-from-facts position is not just a consequence of Trump’s unusual personality. There’s something a lot broader going on behind the rise of these representatives of the “populist” far right, which is a worldwide phenomenon. This subject I’ve previously touched upon and will examine more in a future column.

My comments alongside the radio transcript and fundraising pitch highlight the strident tone and show just how detached from the facts on the central issue of our time — and perhaps of human history — Republican leaders have become.

In our polarized political environment, there’s some stridency and detachment from (at least, political) reality on the left, too. A couple of instances are alluded to in the annotations. But the GOP is the party that’s vastly different now from, say, what it was in the 1970s, when several Republican legislators were among the state’s foremost environmentalists.

As history’s wheel turns, maybe the current Republican extremism will pass. If we survive it.

Deep State’s Confronting the End of Everything Series —

Rep. Peter Lyford’s Radio Address


Hello, this is Peter Lyford, the State Representative from Eddington.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the emerging face of the Democratic Party, says that we only have 12 years or “the world is going to end(2).”

Every day, Democrat politicians tell us there is a “climate emergency.”

National, state and local news cycles now include at least one “climate emergency” story in every edition or broadcast.

It used to be “global cooling(3),” then it was “global warming,” then it was “Climate change.”

Now it is “climate crisis.”

Democrats and their media allies seem to think that if you just change the words, you change the public perception.

They think that suddenly, in the face of this emergency, people will want to pay $400 more for every time they fill their oil tank, or increase the cost of gasoline to a point where you won’t use it.

With different words, people will soon be moved that they will have to accept government control of every facet of their lives before the world ends in 12 years!

Prominent climate scientists(4) are pushing back against this view and the harmful effects that a “do-or-die” framing will have on the need for serious scientific inquiry and discussion of climate change.

By overplaying the emergency angle to pass their agenda, Democrats and their media allies are cheapening(5) and undermining the value of science. This will have direct consequences for our future, when the world does not “in fact” end in 12 years.

Leading Democrats are pushing their tired tax and spend agenda as a solution to the suddenly urgent crisis. Don’t take my word for it, just review what proponents of the Green New Deal want to do, to address the “climate crisis.”

• Tax rates(6) as high as 70%

• A government takeover of our health care system

• Economic security for those who are not “willing” to work(7)

• Restricting hamburger consumption and the accumulation of gas from cows(8)

Government making our healthcare decisions, or telling us how much money we can earn has no climate impact.

Legislative Republicans will continue to oppose efforts by Democrats to use climate change as an excuse to tax our home heating fuel, propane, kerosene, diesel, gas and other fuels.

The Democrats policy goals have real life implications for Maine and for your ability to use your car, heat your home, feed your family and earn a living without impacting the climate at all.

Consider this reality(9):

• Three-quarters of Maine's net electricity generation already comes from renewable energy resources, with 31% from hydroelectricity, 22% from biomass (mainly wood products), and 21% from wind.

• More emissions free energy could be produced with nuclear power, yet that source is ignored. If we only have 12 years, you would think a cheap, clean power source like that would at least be a discussion.

• Maine’s fossil fuel sector contributes $2.4 billion to our state’s economy.

• Elimination of fossil fuels in Maine would also eliminate over 28,000 Maine jobs.

• Almost two-thirds of the Maine households use fuel oil as their primary energy source for heat, more than any other state.

Democrats continue to push a policy agenda that will increase the cost of everyday life without pursuing the technological and social advantages that capitalism provides.

Their extreme agenda will only bring misery and economic ruin to America, especially its poorest residents.

Yes, the climate is changing. That is what it does(10).

Using a changing climate as an excuse to pursue a national political agenda to exert government control over all of us, change our system of government and undermine capitalism is unacceptable.

We need a genuine scientific analysis of all risks, costs and benefits involved in responding to climate change.

A free and open economic system rewards innovation and can anticipate and meet human needs(11) without stifling our natural creativity and need to grow.

Republicans oppose efforts to destroy free enterprise and an American economy that is responsible for the highest standard of living for all Americans, regardless of socio economic status, in the world(12).

Our form of government and economic system is the most successful in history. Otherwise, why would so many people be willing to risk their lives to get here.

Replacing the innovation of the American people with government bureaucracy would be a colossal mistake.

Maine Republicans will continue to support innovation, affordability and liberty over these relentless efforts by the Democrats to undermine Maine’s economy and way of life.

This has been State Representative Peter Lyford with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.

Thank you for listening.

GOP Fundraising Pitch
“Chellie Pingree’s Green, New Disaster”


Democrats in Washington have gone off the high-speed rails, and Maine’s Congresswoman Chellie Pingree is helping drive the train.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ is a breathtakingly terrible economic and social policy, and Chellie Pingree is an early adopter of this headfirst dive into the socialist abyss(13).

Rep. Jared Golden has been mum so far, but he’s going to have to take a position eventually, and he could follow Pingree’s lead to satisfy his left-wing donor base and supporters.

• The end of gasoline powered automobiles in 10 years (because, you know, all Mainers can afford to go buy an electric car)

• Economic security for all Americans unwilling to work (we think Maine tried this already, didn’t work out so well!)

• End production of electricity(14) via fossil fuels and nuclear power (just imagine how much fun it’s going to be to wait for your electric car to charge while trying to keep your house warm with wind and solar on a cold January night in Maine)

A possible federal carbon tax (apparently the carbon tax Democrats are proposing in Maine isn’t enough, so we will get the tax at both the federal and state levels)

Gut and retrofit(15) every building in America
with whatever technology the left sees fit to force upon us. (We’re guessing there will be an arms race among left-wing donors on this one)

• The Green New Deal outlines that it will eliminate air travel and cows(16) (yes cows, as in beef, because cows emit methane) – but probably not in 10 years, it will take longer, the Green New Deal says.

Welcome to America in 2019, where one of Maine’s representatives to Congress (Pingree) wants to take away your car --> give your money to people who are unwilling to work --> force you to buy expensive solar and wind electricity --> double down on the carbon tax --> make you gut your home and office to upgrade to their standards --> and make sure you never grill a steak or eat a cheeseburger again --> and if you don't like it, get in your electric car and drive to Canada or Mexico, because you won't be able to buy a plane ticket anywhere else.

And that’s just the highlight... or rather low points of the plan Democrats want to force on you.

I can't decide if it's more unbelievable that Chellie Pingree signed on to this proposal, or that Jared Golden, representing Maine's Second District, hasn't come out and set a copy of the plan on fire to show his opposition. But this is where we are in America, 2019.

Americans understand that we have to protect our environment but we must do it in a way that doesn’t destroy our way of life.