May 11: Noreaster, a 603-foot Irving Oil tanker, arrived in Searsport from Saint John, N.B., and delivered 90,000 barrels of gasoline, 25,000 barrels of No. 2 heating oil, and 25,000 barrels of diesel. It sailed May 12 for Portsmouth, N.H.

May 17: Sunisa Naree, a 655-foot bulk carrier, arrived in Searsport from Cartagena, Colombia, and delivered 44,000 tons of petcoke.

Expected Arrivals:

May 19 – Merwedegracht to Searsport from Brake, Germany, delivering wind turbine nacelles

May 20 – Victoriaborg to Searsport, from Sundsvall, Sweden, via Albany, N.Y., with baled wood pulp; Denali, to Bucksport from New York with 45,000 barrels of jet fuel

May 21 – Cardinal to Searsport from Chiba, Japan, with slag (iron oxide), a cement additive

May 22 – Claude Desgagnes to Searsport with wind turbine blades