July 14: Denali, a New York–based tug with fuel barge, arrived in Searsport from Portland and delivered 15,000 barrels of ethanol. It sailed July 15 for Boston.

July 18: Iver Prosperity, a 603-foot Irving Oil tanker, arrived in Bucksport from Boston and delivered 45,000 barrels of jet fuel. It sailed July 19 for Saint John, N.B., port of the Irving Oil refinery.

July 20: Great Eastern, a 600-foot Irving Oil tanker, arrived in Searsport from Portsmouth, N.H., and delivered 95,000 barrels of gasoline, 85,000 barrels of diesel and 42,000 barrels of No. 2 heating oil. It sailed July 21 for Saint John, N.B.

July 26: ABB Vanessa, a 459-foot general cargo ship, arrived in Searsport from Dafeng, China, and delivered windmill blades.

Denali returned to Searsport and delivered more ethanol, volume unknown. It sailed later that day for New York.

Expected Arrivals:

July 30 — Tanja, to Searsport from Vila do Conde, Brazil, via Portland, delivering kaolin clay slurry, a glossy paper coating.