July 11: Cape Lookout, a tug, arrived in Searsport from New York and delivered 40,000 barrels of ethanol. It departed July 12 for Portland.

July 14: Noreaster, a 603-foot Irving Oil tanker, arrived in Searsport from Saint John, N.B., and delivered 65,000 barrels of gasoline, 150,000 barrels of diesel and 36,000 barrels of No. 2 heating oil. On July 16, it continued to Bucksport and delivered 90,000 barrels of diesel and 30,000 barrels of jet fuel, then departed July 17 for Come by Chance, Newfoundland.

July 22: Loch Shuna, a 623-foot bulk carrier, arrived in Searsport from Patache, Chile, and delivered 51,000 tons of road salt.

July 23: Alakai, the 347-foot high-speed ferry slated to run between Bar Harbor and Nova Scotia, arrived in Searsport from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, for U.S. Customs and Border Patrol clearance. It departed later the same day for Bar Harbor.

Expected Arrivals

July 25 — Lincoln Sea, to Bucksport from Delaware City, Del., delivering kerosene.

July 29 — La Cheval, to Brewer from Fourchon, La., delivering a flat barge to be loaded with refinery modules at Cianbro’s Eastern Manufacturing Facility. Another tug, Sarah Dann, was in Belfast for the week waiting for a barge to be loaded with modules. Cianbro is sending 19 barges of modules to a refinery in Pennsylvania.