August 16: Denali, a New York–based tug with fuel barge, arrived in Searsport from New York and delivered ethanol, unknown volume. It sailed later that day returning to New York with stops in Portland and Boston.

August 17: BW Osprey, a 600-foot oil and chemical tanker, arrived in Searsport and delivered 140,000 barrels of heating oil. It sailed August 17 for Portsmouth, N.H.

August 18: Great Eastern, a 600-foot Irving Oil tanker, arrived in Searsport from Boston and delivered 90,000 barrels of gasoline. It sailed August 19 for Saint John, N.B.

Expected Arrivals:

August 27-29 — Denali, returning to Searsport, delivering 75,000 barrels of kerosene

September 1-2 — Iver Prosperity, to Searsport, delivering fuel, type unknown.

September 2-4 — BBC Topaz, to Searsport via Vancouver, B.C., delivering windmill blades.