This letter is a follow-up to the February 21, 2019, Free Press column entitled “Notes from Lime City.”

It was a well-written article and I look forward to reading future articles by the authors. One of the marginalized Rockland groups or people not mentioned in the piece are the Rockland home owners living in high-valuation older homes suffering from high property taxes and living on fixed or nearly fixed incomes; especially the elderly and our veterans. Also one of the groups that we need to retain in Rockland, as well as to attract to Rockland, are middle-income, upper-middle-income and upper-income individuals with the incomes and assets with which to pay the heavy property taxes needed to fund our expensive Rockland city government, a pricey county government with a costly county jail and sheriff’s patrol, and a very expensive school system (RSU13) with a $30 million debt load, as well as to finance the bold progressive Rockland city government envisioned by the authors.

In a future article I would like to see the authors lay out their plans for a bold progressive local government along with the accompanying costs.

Rodney Lynch, Rockland