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Sunday, October 17, 2021
  • Awash: Midcoast Towns Face the Prospect of Rising Seas
    Downtown Vinalhaven sits on a mix of quarried rocks subject to erosion and vulnerable to inundation. When a selectman raised concerns in 2015 about “the inevitability of sea-level rise,” the board acknowledged, “We have to start talking ..."
  • Just How Sustainable Is Local Agriculture in the Midcoast?
    Every year since 2013, Maine has secured the number- two spot on the national “Locavore Index,” a measure of commitment to the availability and consumption of healthy local food. The culture surrounding fresh food is becoming one of . . .
  • In Flux: Pondering Penobscot Bay’s Future
    When asked about changes in Penobscot Bay, Ted Ames, a scientist and former commercial fisherman who has spent 60 years observing the coast, summarizes its history succinctly: “It’s been quite a rollercoaster” . . .
  • Blindsided: The Browntail Moth Caterpillar Takes the Midcoast by Surprise
    Kim Nicolet of Camden spent June trying not to scratch a rash that migrated around her body. She did internet searches and saw similar complaints on social media before realizing — after a week of research — that she had been exposed . . .
  • At first, all eyes were on Hurricane Harvey. Then attention turned — momentarily — to the wildfires raging out West before riveting on Hurricane Irma, then Maria. Cascading natural disasters in a warming world raise the . . . 
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