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Sunday, March 29, 2020
  • A Page-Turner—
    Recently I visited Bowdoin College’s Special Collec- tions Library to participate in their monthly page-turner event. Bowdoin is fortunate to possess a copy of John James Audubon’s “The Birds of America,” which is on permanent display ...
  • Birds at Feeders —
    Late last fall, folks who feed wild birds began noting a general lull in feeder activity. The same holds true for my home feeders. For the past month, neighborhood chickadees, goldfinches, mourning doves, jays, nuthatches ...
  • Birding with Don Reimer: C is for Carnivore—
    Typically when carni- vorous animals are men- tioned, we visualize a charging grizzly bear or prowling lion — by definition these are definitely animals that feed on flesh. Assortments of other species, including most humans, match this ...
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