“From a Granite Perch,”  by Holly Berry, 15x16" woodcut
“From a Granite Perch,” by Holly Berry, 15x16" woodcut
Holly Berry

I am drawn to Berry’s works by their timeless quality — they could have been done 100 years ago or be from 20 years in the future. Decorative? Absolutely! But also, there is an emotional depth to her images that shows through the illustrative, old-timey — yet solid and homey — way they feel.

The graphic quality is tangible — solid forms come out at you in outlined drama. The images are simplified and dramatic, and that’s just in black and white. Then there’s the color — simple and dramatic, too.

Berry says, “I love to compose the surface plane, to arrange visual elements in dynamic and stylized designs. Ideas for my work are informed and influenced by my immediate environment: the patterns, shapes and textures found in the natural world along with my interest in decorative art, textile design and and folk art. My approach to mark-making is graphic by nature and so I gravitate to the process of printmaking. As I cut my designs into the surface of a block of wood or linoleum, I simultaneously explore the negative and positive aspects of an image — all in reverse of the final print — trying to maintain a balance between light and dark.”

A native of southern Maine, Berry earned a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design and has illustrated many children’s books, toys and products.

As to her current work: “Each is inspired by a specific location, but I try to capture the essence, making them more universal in nature.”

Berry’s woodcut prints will be on view through September 29 at Archipelago, the Island Institute’s retail store and gallery, 386 Main Street in Rockland.