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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
  • Arts in Profile: Kenny Cole
    The name of Kenny Cole’s new solo exhibition, the inaugural show at the newly formed Nichols Block Gallery in Bangor, is “Executive.” It is “another Trump show kind of thing …” he said, because he is running out of names....
  • Arts in Profile: Lesia Sochor
    I heard Lesia Sochor speak at a Pecha Kucha Talk in November, and it stayed with me. Speaking of the recent series she’d been working on, her parting statement that night was, “I see ‘Repair’ as a call to action, not to just fix material things ...
  • Arts in Profile: Andrew White
    Andy White is a maker. He’s also a doer, a second pair of hands, idea man and “... a great asset to our project and very good company,” to quote sculptor Jonathan Clowes, who recently worked with White. I spoke to White at his work ...
  • Arts in Profile: Mentoring: A shout-out to those who have helped us along the way ...
    In her first year of college as a prelaw major, Suzette McAvoy was required to take a survey course, and she chose art history. Her teacher became her mentor, and helped her to see art history as multidimensional, not just a story of ...
  • Artists in Profile: Clarity - Robert and Su.sane Hake
    Going to Robert and Su.Sane’s house is an experience —I knew it would be, having visited their studio years ago at Lincoln Street Center. But it is still impressive, with seemingly every inch covered with ... everything!
  • Artists in Profile: The Art Loft & A Class with Amy Wilton
    Four years ago, Kathryn Matlack and Paula Apro founded The Art Loft as an equal-opportunity art center available to everyone with an interest in art, regardless of income, age, or experience level.
  • Artists in Profile: Kerstin Engman
    I first met Liberty artist Kerstin Engman at a talk she gave about her sculpture at Round Top Center for the Arts in Damariscotta some 20 years ago. I was taken with the cast bronze, fabricated steel and copper sculptures of haunting women figures, expressing ideas about womens roles.
  • Artists in Profile: Kathleen Florance
    Kathleen Florance has been an artist in the midcoast area for many years. I met her my first summer in Maine 36 years ago, when I signed up to exhibit at the then Port Clyde Arts and Crafts Society.
  • Artists in Profile: Simon van der Ven
    When Simon van der Ven gave a “Pecha Kucha” presentation several years ago, he talked about a photography class he took in high school using a manual camera, black-and-white film and processing the prints with chemicals.
  • Artists in Profile: Katharine Cobey
    Katharine Cobey is called a fiber artist; her unique perspective has brought her to use a wide variety of materials to make knitted fiber sculptures.
  • Artists in Profile: Annie Mahoney
    I had the honor of speaking with Annie Mahoney in her home — a gracious, expansive, colorful and eclectic house in Rockland’s South End. I had visited there before, not really being aware at that time of how much of the art (that is everywhere) is hers.
  • Artists in Profile: Barbara Beebe
    If you have been spending time in Rockland you may have run into a very classy and stylish lady walking around in striking jewelry and colorful attire. I had the opportunity to speak to her this week about her upcoming retrospective show opening at Jonathan Frost Gallery.
  • Artists in Profile: Steve Tobin
    “Roots: The Other Half of the Story” is this year’s theme at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, and how apt that Steve Tobin’s massive root sculptures are on display.
  • Artists in Profile: Holly Berry
    I am drawn to Berry’s works by their timeless quality — they could have been done 100 years ago or be from 20 years in the future. Decorative? Absolutely! But also, there is an emotional depth to her images that shows through ...
  • Artists in Profile: Mark Kelly
    “I’m in awe of the patterns, rhythms and workings of everyday life,” Mark Kelly said during a talk he gave several years ago at a PechaKucha gathering, where a group of artists gave five-minute slide talks.
  • Artists in Profile: Susan Groce
    Susan Groce’s drawings have a weight to them. Is it their serious demeanor — is it because they are black and white?
  • Artists in Profile: Colin Page
    What has struck me about Colin Page’s paintings is how they are all filled with a great sense of light and harmoneous color.
  • Artists in Profile: Phoebe Bly
    When I asked Phoebe Bly how she would describe her work, she started off by saying it can be a way not to use words, but then went on to tell me about the dark and the light.
  • Artists in Profile: Lori Davis
    “I grew up on a small farm in northeastern Connecticut. My family had a wildlife rehabilitator’s permit. We’d raise fawns, baby raccoons and other orphaned wildlife brought to us by the game warden until they were old enough to survive on their own, then we’d release them into the wild.
  • Artists in Profile: Lisa Kyle
    A lifelong artist, Kyle attempts to capture the effects of light in the landscape. She was an architect for 25 years, giving her work a strong underlying sense of composition.
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