In response to Dr. Fourre's article on vaccine safety, February 19, 2015:

You state that vaccines are safe. Have you actually read the safety studies? (Most are written by the vaccine manufacturers, who have huge conflicts of interest.) Have you read the vaccine insert? This insert should be read by every parent or adult recipient before submitting to a vaccination, in order to make a truly informed consent. Are you aware of known neurotoxins in vaccines, including mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, MSG, genetically modified materials? Would you knowingly feed any of these to those you love? Are you aware that injecting a vaccine into a muscle bypasses the filters that are built into our bodies, thus making the shock to the body (including the brain) more traumatic, and possibly more dangerous? Many diseases were nearly wiped out before the advent of vaccines. Improved sanitation made a huge difference. You make no mention of improved nutrition, which is also essential for good health.

In the current measles outbreak, many of those who got sick had been fully vaccinated. It makes no sense to blame those who chose not to vaccinate! Live vaccines (including measles) actually "shed" for a period of time after being administered, thus making those who have been vaccinated contagious.

I am a mother and grandmother. I share your desire and that of Nurse Cosgrove to support health. I am greatly concerned when I read you pushing the myth of herd immunity (We are not cows!) and stating unequivocally that vaccines are safe and necessary. While vaccines may be appropriate for some people, they are NOT appropriate for all of us. As with so much of life, there is no such thing as one size fits all!

Jane Welch, Rockland