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Thursday, September 21, 2017
Thursday, August 24, 2017 3:33 PM
Braydin is homeless. But thanks to the Knox County Homeless Coalition, he has a roof over his head, food on the table, and lots of carefree fun while his mother works diligently with the family’s caseworker to get in, and stay in, a place of their own.
  • Facing Addiction: Jenn
    Date of Sobriety: December 26, 2016 — I know looking at me from the outside I’m not your typical addict. That’s the scary thing about this disease. You never know who’s struggling.
  • Facing Addiction: Marie
    In my late 20s I started having really severe headaches. My family doctor gave me Vicodin. First and foremost the Vicodin took the headaches away when nothing else could, but it also made me happy and gave me . . .
  • Facing Addiction: Dylan
    Date of Sobriety: August 20, 2015 — Dylan, 26, from Rockport, says in coming forward with his story, “If I can help one person, it will be worth it.”
  • Facing Addiction: Derek
    Getting beyond the stereotype, through the people in our community who are in an epic struggle to, as Derek, 27, says, “regain their humanity” . . .
  • Facing Addiction: Janessa
    Getting beyond the stereotypes of drug addicts, through the people in our community who are in an epic struggle to, as one subject told me, regain their humanity. Janessa, 27, has stepped up bravely and selflessly to share her journey. . . .
  • Faces of Our Homeless: Cindy & Rob
    “They call it a double-wide but walk around and there is nothing double-wide about it. It’s a beautiful house,” Rob says, as he and Cindy lead a visitor through the mud, past the yellow construction tape, and up the temporary . . .
  • Faces of Our Homeless: Isabella
    Seven-month-old Isabella will be celebrating her first Christmas at the Hospitality House homeless shelter. “When she was born she was so cute and cuddly,” says Stephanie Fowles, the shelter’s team leader. “Now she is starting . . ."
  • Patrisha McLean: Letter from Europe
    On October 30 in Trento my calligraphy teacher walks into the breakfast room frowning at her iPhone: Her husband has texted that their apartment building in Bologna is swaying. At the front desk the hotel clerks’ usually placid . . .
  • Patrisha McLean: Letter from Italy 2
    Through the windows of a trattoria in Bologna, taking my morning walk to the swimming pool, I see two ladies bent over a table, one rolling out dough — just like Jacquimo showed me in Savigno — and the other squeezing a pastry . . .
  • Patrisha McLean: Letter from Italy
    Italy! Two and a half months, alone, with no plans beyond the first week, and no phone. Just divorced after 29 years, I longed to lose myself in a place where I was, to paraphrase Leonard Cohen, “nobody’s ex-wife” . . .
  • Faces of Our Homeless: Katie and Mason
    Mason is going to be Chase from Paw Patrol for Halloween and now that his mom has a low-income housing voucher it is looking good that they will be in a place of their own come Trick or Treat time. Katie and her 4-year-old . . .
  • Faces of Our Homeless: Jen
    “My furniture is kind of broken but, so far, I have a roof over my head,” says Jen, seven months after moving out of the Hospitality House homeless shelter and into her own apartment. “It definitely feels good to have . . .
  • Faces of Our Homeless: Lorry
    “All we need is a sterile place to lay so we can get our surgeries,” says Lorry. “I have two growths in my neck and because of them I’m losing my teeth. They’re just falling out,” she says. Lester has a broken back and . . ."
  • Faces of Our Homeless: Sharon, September 9, 2016
    Vacation is over for the families who filled the Union campground all summer with grilling and splashing and laughter, and now it is pretty much just Sharon, her 34-year-old son Patrick, and Brady, their Pomeranian . . .
  • Faces of Our Homeless by Patrisha McLean: Hanna
    “Losing Hanna,” says Jocelynne, 25, about her greatest fear about living in a tent when she had run out of couch-surfing options. “It’s OK to camp with a child but there’s no running water and I wouldn’t have wanted to subject her . . .
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