I’m a registered Democrat and mostly vote that way, albeit often without much enthusiasm. But we need a calm, functioning Republican Party to question infeasible progressive proposals and chart new, rational ones. Once Trump’s icy grasp on the GOP is broken — hopefully this year — the party must reconstruct itself. Ideas and organizing should start now.

First step is to gather in the lost souls, traditional Republicans who voted for Trump but now anguish over his antics. Republican Never Trumpers who saw from the beginning that Trump was a fraud now offer the sharpest criticisms: George Will, Joe Scarborough, Max Boot, Bret Stephens. Many will endorse Joe Biden but few will become Democrats. As of now, they are conservatives with no home. Give them one.

As Trump falters in his re-election bid, more Republican candidates will abandon him. As of now, almost all court militant Trumpers, whom they see as indispensable to their re-election. Even Jeff Sessions, one of Trump’s first supporters and his first attorney general — whom Trump savaged and fired — still trembles and seeks Trump’s endorsement for a Senate race.

But as coronavirus and recession get Trump deeper into difficulty, his endorsement turns toxic. Trump’s 2016 Republican rivals will recall his childish slights — Lying Ted, Little Marco, Low-energy Jeb — and turn against him. Heard of the Anti-Defamation League? Trump is a one-man Defamation League. As they say in show-biz: “Be careful who you step on on your way up. You may need them on your way down.”

Reconstructionist Republicans could attract Trump’s many short-term appointees. They thought they could tutor and guide him, but they irritated him and were fired. Look for books from or about former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Advisor John Bolton. No survivor chronicle will portray Trump favorably.

Now, what kind of Republican Party might such people reconstruct? First, it must scrub away Trump’s cult of personality. Unreconstructed Trumpist legislators should have video clips of them practicing fealty to Trump aired. Ever fewer will wish to be called Trumpists.

Officials should remember that their oath is to the Constitution, not to the president. Indeed, returning to the Constitution should be a major reconstructionist theme. For example, funds appropriated for one line item cannot be moved to another, say, for a border wall. The Supreme Court’s Federalist majority could discover that the Constitution does not mention emergency funds transfers.

A reconstructed GOP will have to tackle fiscal questions. Having the Fed continually reduce interest rates does not work. Excess liquidity merely creates asset bubbles; one just popped. Returning to balanced budgets — which last occurred under Clinton — is laughable. Congress passed Trump’s $1-trillion deficit, soon to jump to $2 trillion with his proposed payroll tax cut.

But Republicans could aim for budgetary stability. They might consider Paul Krugman’s recent call to permanently build in 2-percent deficits to restore America’s crumbling infrastructure, which Trump hasn’t touched. A growing economy may need steady, predictable deficit spending. If Republicans can shrug off 4.7-percent deficits, they shouldn’t mind 2-percent deficits.

Trump’s tax cut for the wealthy gives Democrats ammunition for the next election, even if Bernie isn’t nominated. The Republicans could counter Democrats on taxes by proposing to simplify the insanely complex tax code. Stop inserting favors for wealthy donors. I just finished doing my own taxes — citizens should be able to — but could not do the “qualified dividends” worksheet. Can anyone?

So, treat all income the same, including capital gains, carried interest and those damn qualified dividends. Eventually, computers could add all income sources and calculate your tax automatically, as in much of Europe. Eliminate deductions or increase the standard deduction so that almost all will use it. This will also discourage homebuyers from too-large mortgages and restrain housing costs. Offer taxpayers a choice: Use the current, complex tax forms or a new, simplified form with lower rates. This year’s 1099-SR for seniors is a step in the right direction.

And, Republicans, cease your efforts to repeal Obamacare or have courts rule against it. Millions who would lose pre-existing conditions or rural hospitals will vote Democrat. You offer no feasible replacement, so work on streamlining Obamacare. Arguments before the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare — amidst a pandemic whose timing couldn’t be worse for Trump — stampede voters to the Democrats. Many Republican legislators dodge any connection with the case.

In foreign policy, reconstructionist Republicans should stop alienating allies and rejoin multilateral agreements. They could resuscitate the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trump’s rejection of it draws Japan to Europe and lets China dominate Asia-Pacific markets. Get tough on Russian cybermeddling in elections. Get straight how deeply and where you want us involved in East Asia and the Middle East. How close to wobbling Saudi Arabia?

Despite a new law, robocalls continue, a daily irritant that could be your issue. Hey, Republicans, if you can do the above, you may someday earn my vote.