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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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  • Notes from Lime City: Yes in Our Backyards
    A three-person (plus one house manager) sober re-entry home named Unity House has been proposed to occupy a house on Talbot Avenue in Rockland. From what we understand, neighbors discovered this from a real estate agent; several reacted with alarm and outrage
  • Michael G. Roskin: Return of Brinkmanship
    We’ve been to the brink before. This time, Trump’s rejection of the Iran nuclear deal could push us over
  • Patrisha McLean: Postcard from Rockland
    What is going on behind closed doors in our community is scary. But the shame is what is going on, for anyone who wants to hear or see it, in the Knox County courtroom in Rockland with domestic violence cases.
  • Just Saying...: About Using Caulk
    People who occasionally paint their homes are running around stocking up on supplies and six-packs of beer because they feel that painting season is upon us. Actually, painting as a chore or occupation has no season. You can paint every day, year-round and never catch up to what needs to be painted, which, in my case, is defined by my wife
  • June 21 Tanja, a 606-foot bulk carrier, arrived in Searsport from Portland and delivered clay slurry, a paper coating
  • In the Chase’s Daily Perimeter Gallery, bustling with people and produce, hangs an exhibit of paintings by two very interesting Maine artists, Breehan James and Alexae Levin. On first glance, their two approaches couldn’t be more ...
  • Pie is unquestionably the most popular of desserts. You never hear anyone say “as American as apple cake,” after all. But it does seems that in the warmer summer months, cake makes a comeback. Sheet cakes star at big family ...
  • Q: With the end of school, I took my daughter to Portland overnight. Just a fun girls’ trip to spend some time together before the summer schedule starts. We haven’t been getting along well so I thought this would help. Instead it was awful ...
  • The plan was a trip to Rockland and the Maine State Ferry Service Advisory Board. Any other islander, meaning a board member from any other island, who wished to attend the ferry meeting could get to it by ferry. Not from here ...
  • Of all the things that Mainers have to be proud of — be it our lobster, our pine trees, our vast expanses of woodlands, or our inscrutable miles of rocky coast — there is one thing that we should all be celebrating about our state that ...
  • Notes From Away: Tiananmen Square, June 2019
    I used to jog some mornings around the great square in the center of Beijing — the length of each side is about the length of the breakwater in Rockland — past the Forbidden City and Mao’s huge portrait, past the Great Hall of the People ...
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