The Maine state chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Maine) knows that fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children as well as exacerbate existing stressors and mental health concerns. It is important Mainers care for their emotional health during this time of turmoil. Below are suggestions for maintaining overall mental wellness, as well as recommendations for students and those working from home.

General Mental Health Tips
  • Take a break from social media and the news.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Move and get some exercise.
  • Check in with loved ones, near and far.
  • Check in with a mental health professional.
Mental Health and Working Remotely

Working remotely can be a great way to boost productivity and focus for some; it can also feel isolating.
  • Stick to a set work schedule.
  • Maintain routines such as getting dressed for a typical work day, taking regularly scheduled breaks, etc.
  • Create a dedicated work space separate from other activities.
  • Move! Get outside and take a quick walk on breaks.
  • Find ways to communicate and stay connected to coworkers, through services such as Teams, Slack, Google Chat/Hangouts, and others. Having some facetime with colleagues can be important.
  • Set boundaries — be sure to clock in and clock out.
Mental Health for Young People and Students

COVID-19 has thrown a curveball into the spring semesters for many students. The website Active Minds offers recommendations on how to help manage the stress of the coronavirus with students; visit

For support, call the NAMI Maine HelpLine at (800) 464-5767, extension 1, or the Maine Warm Line at (866) 771-WARM (9276). Anyone in crisis can call the state crisis line at (888) 568-1112.

For more information, visit