The Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO) has released version 8.0 of its health care transparency website,

Consumers are using CompareMaine to compare the average payment to providers — which includes both the average of what the insurance company pays and what the individual pays out of pocket for a specific procedure — for more than 240 medical procedures at more than 200 health care facilities in the state.

Consumers can also compare quality ratings on how hospitals are doing at keeping their patients safe from risks such as infections and falls. The top health care procedures that consumers are looking at on CompareMaine include: colonoscopy, knee and hip replacements, childbirth, MRIs and gallbladder removal.

“With CompareMaine, people across our state can identify their procedure, evaluate the differing prices, and make a decision that best serves their health, their finances, and other considerations,” Gov. Janet Mills said in a news release. “That data and transparency helps to ensure that every Maine person has the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their care.”

This release will include information for several new health care procedures, including electrocardiogram, cervical biopsy, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and echocardiogram. The update also incorporates the MHDO Prescription Drug-Retail and Mail-Order Dashboard report into the site, which includes information on the top 25 most costly and most utilized prescription drugs in Maine purchased at a retail or mail-order pharmacy.