Medomak Valley Land Trust recently secured the 40th easement in its history. The property lies within Waldoboro’s “Three Brooks Forest,” a 7,000-acre roadless tract of land home to moose, bear, fisher, bobcats and other woodland creatures. Donated by Emily Kalina, the 98-acre property abuts a 200-acre conservation easement owned by Emily’s sister, Martha Kalina, and brother-in-law, Rick Skoglund.

The property expands upon an uninterrupted forest corridor that provides sheltered habitat for animals to roam freely without roadways and other hazards that threaten survival. The headwaters of two major streams that feed into the Medomak River—Waterman Brook and Farnsworth Brook—are also located on the property.

The land will be open for sustainable forestry, hiking, snowmobiling, and other low-impact recreational uses, creating a space for the community to enjoy. 

With the signing of the easement, Medomak Valley Land Trust has now protected over 4,500 acres in the Medomak River watershed. For more information, call the land trust’s Waldoboro office at 832-5570 or visit