School House Farm, located on Route 1 in Warren, is now protected with a conservation easement held by Georges River Land Trust.

More than a dozen years ago, Bill Beckwith, then-owner of the farm, was determined that his farmland would not be “gobbled up” by development. His widow, Yelena Burdina, and her child Sasha live on the land and sell fresh produce from an 18th-century, one-room schoolhouse on 55 acres along a tidal stretch of the St. George River. The farm was conserved with the support of Beckwith’s three children.

The farm abuts another tract of conserved farmland to the north along Route 1, and several acres of cropland are leased to School House on the adjacent easement property. Together, the adjoining lands create 120 acres of conserved farmland, one-half mile of protected shorefront, and 12 acres of marshland, resilient to rising sea levels, along the St. George River.

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