The Rockport Park and Beautification Committee has established a fundraiser that offers the opportunity for the public to honor the life of loved ones or to recognize special people or events through a personally designated park bench. While most similar programs are limited to memorials of those who have died, Rockport’s bench program offers additional possibilities for recognition.

The committee also welcomes bench recognition or thanksgiving for special events, anniversaries or people. All applications for this program are subject to an approval process, and while an applicant may desire a particular location, the committee reserves the right to determine the exact location dependent upon site availability.

The committee has selected the Jackson Park Settee, which boasts heavy park construction designed to withstand the test of time in public spaces. The benches can be rented for $5,000 for a period of 10 years. Recognition plaques will consist of three lines — each with a maximum of 28 characters, with the middle line identifying who or what is being honored, and the last line identifying the sponsor or donor.

Those interested in the bench program can obtain an application at Rockport Town Hall, 101 Main Street.