With the help of food critics across the country, Food Network Magazine searched for "the most exciting, interesting, wacky or otherwise fabulous burger" in every state and chose "the one burger you absolutely have to try." The magazine's June/July issue devoted nine pages to its "50 Burgers 50 States." Here's Maine's write-up:

MAINE, Seven-Napkin Burger,

"Owners of this old general store won't reveal their secret burger-assembly process, but the loosely packed burgers are insanely juicy - they literally fall apart in your hands (and yes, they require all seven of those napkins). You can get one to go and eat it at Owls Head lighthouse, just down the road. $6.25; 2 S. Shore Dr., Owls Head; 207-596-6038."

The news that an ultimate burger experience could be had in tiny Owls Head isn't exactly late-breaking: back in December 2008 Maine Food & Lifestyle Magazine had already deemed the store's product "Maine's Best Burger," so it was perhaps inevitable that national attention would follow. Luttrell purchased both the store and the recipes from former owner Anne Maher about a year and a half ago, and the demand for the burgers has steadily increased; 30 to 50 are sold every day. Luttrell says of the news of their national nomination, "It was a shock to us. We knew we had a great product, but didn't know we'd get national recognition."