Maine Forest Service has suggestions for those cleaning up outdoors after a storm. Woody debris created by storm damage may harbor insects or diseases that are harmful to forests. Moving debris long distances can spread pests to new areas. The following are quarantine rules that apply to transport of some woody storm debris:

• Movement of ash (genus Fraxinus) from areas within the emerald ash borer regulated area. The restriction in this case extends to mixed hardwood chips.

• Movement of larch (Larix and Pseudolarix) from areas within the European larch canker quarantine.

• Movement of hemlock (Tsuga) branch/top material from areas within the hemlock woolly adelgid quarantine.

• Movement of pine (Pinus) from parts of Maine within the pine shoot beetle quarantine to Washington and Aroostook counties.

To learn more about quarantines that affect woody storm debris, visit the Maine Forest Service website: