The University of Maine at Augusta Rockland Center has a roster of 16 online college classes with September and October start dates. Many are introductory courses to help new college students.

The courses will run for either seven or 10 weeks and offer three college credits. The academic work is more condensed than that of a traditional 15-week term.

Courses and their starting dates include:

CIS 100 Intro to Computer Applications, 10/29; COM 102 Interpersonal Communications, 9/14; EDU 100 Intro to Teacher Education, 10/29; ENG 101 College Writing, 9/14; ENG 102W Intro to Literature, 10/29; HUS 101 Intro to Human Services, 10/29; HUS 125 Intro to Substance Abuse, 10/29; HUS 212 Case Management, 10/29; ILS 109 Information Literacy, 9/10; JUS/BUA 223 Principles of Management, 9/14; MUH 118 Golden Age of Country Music, 10/29; PSY 100 Intro to Psychology, 9/14; PSY 308 Human Development, 10/29.

The UMA Rockland Center offers scholarships, and high school students may take the courses listed above tuition free through the Maine High School Aspirations Program.

Free academic planning is available by appointment by calling 596-6906 or emailing