Healthy Kids, a parent resource center in Lincoln County, donated 100 handknit baby hats to LincolnHealth Miles Maternity to be given to newborns in an effort to educate new parents about what’s known as the Period of Purple Crying. Every baby born at Miles Hospital will receive a hat and parents will receive information on babies’ crying in the first five months and how best to handle it.

Developmental pediatrician Dr. Ronald Barr coined the term to explain a phase when babies may cry frequently and hard, although they are healthy and not in pain; his intention was to reassure parents.

Shaken baby syndrome occurs when frustrated adults shake a baby, usually because he or she is crying; it can cause lifelong health problems or death. Healthy Kids also teaches students in all four Lincoln County high schools about Shaken Baby Syndrome in an effort to educate babysitters and future parents about the issue.

For more information about the Period of Purple Crying or other Healthy Kids programs, call 563-1818 or visit