Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust and Great Salt Bay Community School have partnered to create a new outdoor gathering space at the school — a 24-foot yurt. The yurt is a gift to the school from Coastal Rivers, funded by donations from members, friends, supporters and volunteers. Coastal Rivers has worked with the school for years to offer outdoor education programs. For example, “Math in the Woods” combines learning basic math skills with a 45-minute walk in the woods led by Coastal Rivers Education Director Sarah Gladu; Damariscotta Estuarine Education Program invites sixth graders to design and implement their own research project; and Wabanaki Ways introduces indigenous material culture by placing students in the same location where Native Americans once lived, harvested wild edibles, fished and made tools. Engaging students in the natural world has been shown to help advance curricular goals and learning outcomes, particularly among students who perform best through kinetic or tactile learning. For more information about Coastal Rivers, call 563-1393, email or visit