Judy Stone will be featured at the Camden Public Library via Zoom.
Judy Stone will be featured at the Camden Public Library via Zoom.
Camden Public Library will host a Zoom presentation by Judy Stone, M.D., about her new book, “Resilience: One Family’s Story of Hope and Triumph over Evil,” on Tuesday, July 7, at 6 p.m. To attend, email jpierce@librarycamden.org.

Stone, the daughter of Hungarian survivors of Auschwitz and Dachau, wrote the book to fulfill her promise to her mother that her family’s story would be preserved and passed on. Based on hours of interviews with family members, extensive historical research and travels to eastern Hungary, where her parents and aunts and uncles grew up, the book tells of two intertwined families, the Ehrenfelds and the Glattsteins, who survived the attempted annihilation of the Jews.

Stone not only provides testimony about the horrors of the Holocaust but also offers readers a connection to the rich heritage of Jewish life in Europe that has been largely lost.

An infectious diseases physician, a Forbes Pharma and Healthcare contributor, and author of a nationally used textbook, Stone has an avid interest in oral history and Holocaust education. She will donate the net profits from sales of her book to organizations that promote Holocaust education.

For more information, visit librarycamden.org.