On Sunday, March 5, Waldo County native Alton Lane will share his life story at Left Bank Books in Belfast beginning at 3 p.m.

Lane grew up in poverty and suffered violence, abuse and addiction from childhood until his early thirties, when he turned his life around. With the help of narrative historian Meghan Vigeant, Lane has written a memoir, “Only Human: A Journey from Convict to Mentor.”

Lane was first arrested at age 12 and was regularly in and out of area prisons until age 33, when he got what he calls his first real break in life by being assigned a six-month sentence at the Maine Coast Regional Reentry Center in Belfast. There, Lane received counseling, took recovery classes, and began doing community service.

The Reentry Center was also where Lane met Peggy Smith, at a class in Nonviolent Communication she taught. It was a turning point in his life that he recounts in a chapter called “The Nuttiest Woman I Ever Met.” Today, Lane teaches the same class in nonviolent communication that he once scorned.