Penobscot Marine Museum is unveiling the first group of Kosti Ruohomaa images donated to the museum by Black Star Publishing Company, which has represented the photographer and his work since 1941.

Raised on a hillside farm in Rockland, Ruohomaa became a reknowned photojournalist. The museum’s collection of 45,000 of his images is grouped by his professional assignments. On the page dedicated to his work on the museum’s website, a few new assignments will be featured each month, along with commentary.

In January, the assignments include Log Drive, 1954, focused on commerical loggers in Maine; Maine Guide at Rangeley, 1958, focused on Ed DeMar; and School Teacher, focused on Doris MacDougal, who taught at McLain Grammar School in Rockland in 1951.

To view the assignments and for more information, go to and click on Collections.