Midcoast Actors’ Studio, which recently closed its summer production of the musical Cabaret, is back in rehearsals, this time for The Crucible. Written by Arthur Miller as an allegory to the McCarthyism of the 1950s, The Crucible tells the story of the Salem witch trials of the late 17th century. The cast includes Nathan Roach as John Proctor, Leah Bannister as Elizabeth Proctor, and Emma Bishop as Abigail Williams. Denn Harrington plays Deputy Governor Danforth and Bryan Hayes is Reverend Hale. The rest of the cast includes Talia LaRue, Annabelle Lisa, Ivy Lobato, Sarah Cournoyer, Marina Bannister, Jordyn Brewer, Erin Hayes, Cory Burns, Danielle Bannister, Eric Sanders, Alison Cox, Scott Taylor, Ralph Chapman, Jim Tatgenhorst, Scott Cournoyer, Jay Holland and Lisa Hudson. MAS Artistic Director Jason Bannister directs and designs lights. Sarah Joy is the stage manager and costume designer. Jay Rosenberg is sound designer. Bannister is co-designing the set with John Bielenberg. The Crucible will run October 26 to November 4 at the Crosby Center in Belfast. Cast members pictured: bottom row, left to right — Leah Bannister, Lisa Hudson, Annabelle Lisa, Denn Harrington, Ivy Lobato, Scott Cournoyer; middle row — Danielle Bannister, Erin Hayes, Marina Bannister, Sarah Cournoyer, Emma Bishop, Cory Burns; top — Jim Tatgenhorst, Bryan Hayes, Jay Holland, Nathan Roach, Eric Sanders, Scott Taylor.