The Lincoln Theater board of directors has unanimously approved a target reopening date of January 1.

In June and September, the organization held an online survey to learn what would make patrons feel safest when returning to events at the theater. The responses, gathered from approximately 600 participants per survey, was incorporated into the reopening plan.

The September survey results show that people are more concerned now about coming back to the theater than they were in June; as the cold months return and people move indoors, addressing issues of ventilation and masking becomes more important.

The theater is upgrading its ventilation system so that the entire air mass will move through filters, UV-C lights and a bi-polar ionization airborne disinfection system approximately every ten minutes/six times an hour. It will also fully replace the inside air with outside air twice an hour, with roughly 30% being replaced every ten minutes.

An online ticketing system is being installed that creates a no-contact process allowing for advance ticket purchases, seat selection and self-check-in.The system will enable patrons to sit together with friends and family while automatically generating six feet of space between others. The ticketing process will also act as a secure contact tracing system.

Other upgrades include the installation of 13 new hand sanitizing stations throughout the building and renovation of public restrooms so that they are as touchless as possible and accessible to only one person at a time.

The theater plans to reopen slowly and conservatively. In the beginning, no concessions will be sold, and both staff and patrons will be required to wear masks at all times.

Links to the survey results can be found on the Lincoln Theater Facebook page.

For more information, email or call 563-3424.