Maine Technology Institute (MTI) has requested responses to the Emerging Technology Challenge for Maine’s Forest Resources. The goal of the challenge is to deploy a forest industry technology in Maine, preferably co-located at an existing industrial facility, where forest biomass is used in the production of a value-added product for sale into a well-defined, promising market.

MTI will award up to $1.5 million in grants to the winners of the challenge, for one or more projects. Responders to the challenge are expected to submit information to “describe their strong business case, feedstock fit with Maine, the technical and technoeconomic merit of their technology, economic benefits to Maine, and geographic fit.” Submissions are due by January 25 and should be submitted to Biobased Maine via email at

MTI has contracted with Biobased Maine to help collect information on forest industry technologies and managing the challenge process. Questions about the request for proposals should be directed to Biobased Maine at For submission guidelines, visit Details can also be found on MTI’s website: