Maine Real Estate and Developers Association (MEREDA) will host its annual Forecast Conference — geared toward builders, developers, brokers, attorneys, architects, engineers, municipal leaders, bankers and accountants — on Thursday, January 17, at Holiday Inn By the Bay in Portland from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

Nearly 900 real estate experts are expected to attend the conference to share insights on the health of and challenges faced by their industry. During the conference, MEREDA will also present its Index, “a key economic indicator measuring the pulse of the real estate industry.”

Gary Vogel, president of the board of MEREDA and an attorney at Drummond Woodsum, says, “We are now in our fifth year of generating the Index and it continues to provide informative analysis that becomes more and more meaningful for our industry. While the Index is regarded as a great tool, the Forecast Conference is an event where the important conversations happen — we gather some of our industry’s best minds in one place to reflect on and discuss the trends and factors influencing real estate of all types in Maine,”

Registration for the conference is available at