Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) is offering a journeyperson program that will provide hands-on support, training and mentorship for farmers who are serious about operating farm businesses in Maine that will make significant contributions to the agricultural community and economy. The application deadline is Friday, January 31. There is a $200 program fee; those accepted may apply for a scholarship to cover the fee.

While open to farms at any stage of development, the program is best utilized by those who have an established farm business with secure land tenure (MOFGA can assist with this); a focus on livestock and/or crop production for direct- to-consumer and wholesale markets; need for support to refine their vision and apply whole-farm planning practices; and have time to fully utilize program resources.

Qualifications include a minimum of two years’ farming experience with one calendar year of experience in Maine; demonstrated commitment to farming in Maine; measurable contributions to Maine’s agricultural economy; goals of feeding the farmer’s community and region; and demonstrated commitment to sustainable practices, including but not limited to organic production.

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