Friday, February 22 — With Mercury aspecting Jupiter, Venus and Pluto, this is an excellent time for teaching and learning. This aspect will come to completion tomorrow. From 1:30 until 10 p.m., the Moon will be making aspects to Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto, which will involve complications in relating. You’ll have to make a special effort to listen attentively in order to avoid messy communications.

Saturday, February 23 — Mercury remains aspecting Venus and Pluto until 6 p.m. Your relational skills are improving because you are paying close attention to your emotions and learning how to control them without repressing them. This is an ideal day for a 12-step meeting that inspires you to move to the next level of your recovery. This is good news! The Moon in Scorpio is in a fine aspect to the Sun in Pisces from 5:45 until 7:45 p.m., offering psychic awareness and synchronicities. From 8:15 until 10:15 p.m., the Moon in Scorpio will be directly opposite Mars and Uranus. This particular aspect brings about tension between you and another. It might be hard to avoid if the tension has been building.

Sunday, February 24 — The Moon in Scorpio is in a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces. For those who are psychic, this opens the doors to perception. You may find that you know more than you’d like to know. It’s also a time of feeling super sensitive. Feelings get hurt easily, bringing up beliefs that go way back to childhood that underlie the hurt feelings, if you’re paying close attention. Good to notice this and be able to heal the old hurts in order to be free to enjoy the present moment. Between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m., the energy shifts when the Moon in Scorpio forms a positive aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. You’re likely to be feeling calm and secure within.

Monday, February 25 — The Sun in Pisces is in a positive aspect to Mars for the next couple of days, offering us all exceptional energy of compassion and knowing just what to do when need be. It’s great energy for dancing! Venus is in a challenging aspect to Uranus until Friday. This aspect finds relationships to be a bit shaky right now. Meeting new people who have a slightly different outlook on life and relationships will be inspiring for you. Perhaps it’s simply finding a new definition of the relationship that needs to take place? The Moon will change signs, entering Sagittarius at 4:19 p.m., ushering in a more upbeat mood.

Tuesday, February 26 — The Sun in Pisces remains in a positive aspect with Mars in Taurus. You’re finding that you’re most concerned with helping others and have very little energy for yourself. Getting outside for some exercise would be ideal. Remember that music has a special healing quality for you, whether you are making it or simply listening. Between 3 and 6 a.m., you ought to be able to look up and see the Moon and Jupiter close together in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, February 27 — The Sun in a positive aspect to Mars will end at midnight. Venus remains in a challenging aspect to Uranus until tomorrow. Often relationships end with this aspect. From 7:30 until 9:30 a.m., the Moon will be exactly conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, offering us all inspired thoughts and a positive outlook on life. Hopefully you got to see them close together early this morning, or perhaps tonight we can see them, not as close but still offering a special image in the sky that lifts the soul. From 11:15 p.m. until 1:15 a.m., the Moon will be in a favorable aspect to Uranus. This aspect is known to increase intuition and bring brilliant, creative ideas to implement in the future.

Thursday, February 28 — Heads up! Mercury will be retrograde from March 5 to 28. Make sure your vehicle is in good running condition before Mercury turns retrograde, because electrical devices and machinery are vulnerable to breaking down while Mercury is retrograde. Venus remains in a challenging aspect to Uranus until noon. The Moon in Sagittarius will be aspecting the Sun in Pisces and also Mars in Taurus from 7:30 until 10 p.m. This will be an upbeat, playful phase.