Friday, January 11 — From 7 until 9 a.m. insights come that make living in the material world just a little bit easier if you’re open to them, because the Moon in sensitive Pisces is nicely aspecting Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, increasing patience and concentration, making it a perfect time for writers and musicans to spend time alone. Jupiter now in Sagittarius continues its feisty aspect with Neptune in Pisces. These planets are located in the signs they have rulership over, making their effects that much stronger. This aspect brings confusion, delusion and calculated illusions. No kidding; it’s very hard to know what’s what anymore. Truth? Have to trust your own gut to know what truth is nowadays. I remember 20 years ago a respected psychic told me that there will be a time when someone hands you a blueberry pie and says, “Here’s an apple pie for you.” She said you will have to know what is real because there will be so much trickery. Remember to do a short prayer or meditation for world peace at 11:11 a.m. and 11:11 p.m. in order to join with others, worldwide.

Saturday, January 12 — Mercury and Saturn remain conjunct until tomorrow. Jupiter and Neptune remain in a feisty aspect until January 18. Watch out for unrealistic expectations that can cause you to fall into the land of disappointment. It’s pretty hard not to have any expectations at all (unless you’re a saint); just try not to be too attached to them. With Jupiter and Neptune in this so-called feisty aspect, some of you will find yourselves more than ever addicted to gambling. Mercury is aspecting Neptune favorably until Monday. This aspect increases spiritual perception and an ability to love unconditionally. For poets this is the time to express your feelings. A romantic and/or sociable time is from 12:20 until 2:20 p.m. while the Moon is nicely aspecting Venus. Between 5:15 and 7:15 p.m. the Moon in Aries will be conjunct Mars also in Aries. Don’t jump to conclusions or act hastily during this phase. Your emotions are rushing forward and your perception could be off, way off.

Sunday, January 13 — Mercury and Saturn complete their time together at noon. This conjunction can bring negative thoughts. Mercury remains in a positive aspect to Neptune until Monday. This aspect is good for imagination if you’re writing a romantic, magical, metaphysical, mystery novel. With Jupiter and Neptune in a feisty aspect until January 18, try to avoid getting tricked into a scam to make big money or to bring fame and glory.

Monday, January 14 — Mercury’s positive aspect with Neptune ends at noon. From 9 until 11 a.m. your intuition is strong while events occur suddenly, stirring up levels of chaos to deal with. Try to remain calm so that you can be helpful. The Sun in Capricorn is awkwardly aspecting Uranus in Aries until Friday. Expect the unexpected and be careful while driving. This aspect is likely to kick up defiance and over-the top-control issues — even riots.

Tuesday, January 15 — This is Martin Luther King’s birthday, and there’s still so much for all of us to learn from his speeches. The Moon in Taurus is in a positive aspect to Saturn in Capricorn from noon until 2 p.m., ushering in patience and calm. From 2:15 until 4:15 p.m. the Moon will form a favorable aspect to Neptune, which is an ideal time for group prayer and meditation. Conversations are stimulating. Sensible decisions are made while the Moon is nicely aspecting Mercury from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. Venus is in a positive aspect to Mars until Friday. This promises to be a creative, cooperative, romantic time, if you choose to make it so. Mercury is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn until Friday. Your mind wants to learn about ancient civilizations and archeological finds.

Wednesday, January 16 — A good time for socializing today is from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. while the Moon is in a fine aspect with the Sun. Everyone is a bit more relaxed and optimistic. Venus in Sagittarius remains in a positive aspect with Mars in Aries until Friday, an ideal time for Aries and Sagittarius people to meet someone new, romantically. Not necessarily each other, although Aries individuals and Sagittarians do get along well — both are fire signs, and so is Leo, who can spark these fiery souls even more! Actually, fire sign people get along well with the air sign people — Geminis, Librans and Aquarians — who fan the fires with their ideas and insights and principles. Fire sign people keep everyone on their toes, laughing, and feeling well entertained.

Thursday, January 17 — Time is flying by too fast. The Sun is still in an awkward aspect with Uranus, until tomorrow. Please don’t make any hasty decisions at this time. This is not the time to quit your job. Make sure your chimney is creosote-free if you’re burning wood to keep warm or to cook. This aspect does bring sudden upsetting circumstances and accidents. Venus is in an awkward aspect with Neptune until Sunday. This aspect stirs up relationship questions: Is this person for real? Are they really who and what they say they are? Be a bit suspicious now. Mercury and Pluto remain conjunct until tomorrow. Use the power of your mind to research that which is concerning and of interest to you. Confusion creeps in between 7 and 9 p.m. while the Moon in Gemini is roughly aspecting Neptune in Pisces.