Tuesday, September 10 — Mars is in an energizing aspect until Thursday. This will be an active time for athletes. There is so much energy available to utilize. This aspect is often associated with giving birth. It brings a quicker birth, with fewer hours of movement. The Sun in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces and has been for the last three days, causing forgetfulness. Between 4 and 6 p.m. the Moon in Aquarius is in a tough aspect to Uranus in Taurus, signaling rocky mood swings. Interesting insights come between 11:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. while the Moon is nicely aspecting Jupiter.

Wednesday, September 11 — Mars remains in aspect with Jupiter, energizing you, and your need for adventure, until tomorrow. The Sun is in a positive aspect with Pluto until Friday. It is ushering in powerful energy for turning your life around and making success of an idea you’ve been working on for years. This aspect brings about increased confidence and courage to overcome addictive patterns that have existed for too long. Mercury and Venus are conjunct until Friday, which stimulates writing poetry to your loved one.

Thursday, September 12 — Mars in its energizing aspect with Jupiter will be complete at noon. Intuition brings upbeat thoughts for your creative outlet to manifest. This takes place while the Moon in Pisces is in a positive aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Mars in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces until Saturday. You may feel unappreciated for the kindness you’ve expressed. Are you being kind for recognition, or because it makes you feel good deep down inside? If you need recognition, then you’re apt to end up feeling like a victim. At this time it is necessary to accept life as it is rather than wishing it to be different.

Friday, September 13 — The Sun is in a very positive aspect to Pluto, bringing out the best in humans. This is the time to reach out for help if you’re ready to be released from addiction. For those wanting to help, you can make a difference in a profound way if you’re sensitive and respectful in your approach. You must be able to see yourself in others. Mercury is still conjunct Venus. Together they remain ready to inspire you to write poetry from your loving heart. This conjunction completes by 4 p.m. Between 2:15 and 4:45 p.m. the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces will be opposite Mars in Virgo. This can bring an emotional reaction due to misinterpreting someone. You’re very sensitive and unable to respond sensibly. You’re feeling vulnerable. You’re getting your feelings hurt yet covering it up with a display of dramatic anger. From 9:50 until 11:50 p.m. this misunderstanding can get worked out, while the Moon is in a positive aspect with Pluto, if there is an honest effort for resolution.

Saturday, September 14 — Mars being opposite Neptune ends at 9 a.m. Confusion and misinterpretation ought to end by this time. Mercury and Venus both enter rational Libra today; this may help clear up misinterpretation of others’ words and actions. Libra energy wants peace and harmony and will go out of its way to bring it about. Full Moon takes place at 12:33 a.m. The Moon is at 21 degrees of Pisces directly opposite the Sun at 21 degrees of Virgo. Emotions not based in reality will need to be seen for just that. Being super sensitive or getting feelings hurt is not the way of Virgo. The Virgo Sun promotes clarity and truth, while the Moon in Pisces is still hung up in the past and still hurting from past experiences still in need of healing and understanding. It’s possible, if your mind is clear, that you can receive universal knowledge about why we’re here on Earth. From 6:30 until 9 p.m. the Moon in Aries will be opposite Venus and Mercury in Libra.

Sunday, September 15 — Worrisome thoughts invade your mind between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. while the Moon in Aries is in an awkward aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. Mars is in a positive aspect to Pluto until Thursday. This aspect has a potent effect on bringing uncomfortable circumstances to light. Courage and dedication to truth lead the way. Societal and planetary problems that have seemed unsolvable are seen to be resolvable through group organizing and rational goal-setting. Jupiter is once again in a challenging aspect to Neptune. This also took place January 2019 and June 2019. It lasts until September 24. This particular aspect between Jupiter and Neptune won’t take place again until June 2025.

Monday, September 16 — Remember that Jupiter is in a challenging aspect with Neptune until September 24. You’re still vulnerable to being scammed or hacked. Your idealism is finding you to be unrealistic about whom you can trust. This aspect is good, however, for expressing your creativity. Dreams will bring visions of Utopia. Mars remains in a positive aspect to Pluto, ushering in determination, courage, stamina, and confidence. Mercury and Uranus are in an awkward aspect until tomorrow. Be careful to think before speaking. An emotional phase will be from 10 a.m. until noon while the Moon in Aries awkwardly aspects Pluto in Capricorn, known to bring up old, uncomfortable patterns.