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Saturday, November 17, 2018
Thursday, November 15, 2018 1:11 PM
While I understand that Mr. Brower seems to take a hands-off approach to editorial content, we should all be concerned about such a concentration of print media in the hands of one person
  • I ask our President to stop the finger pointing and the hate-mongering and name calling, which only ends up pitting one group against another. While he may find it exhilarating to always provoke a fight, it must stop
  • Thank you to all of the generous donors who helped to make this special project a reality
  • Just in time for Christmas shopping, the Waldoborough Historical Society (WHS) is holding an online auction as its newest fundraiser. Bids will end on Black Friday, November 23, at 6 p.m.
  • Although much of the focus of the FOPM (Friends of Pemaquid Mill), DRA, Old Bristol Historical Society and PWA regarding the Hammond Lumber property has been saving and restoring the existing mill, it is easy to forget that there are many other reasons to preserve this property. Not the least of these is the access to the spawning grounds by the alewives and elvers and other fish
  • Community Members Rally at Waldo Theatre Work Day —
    he theatre board thanks everyone for their help pulling carpet from the floors and fabric from the balcony walls, trucking it to the dump, taking apart a stage addition from a past production, cleaning out storage spaces, vacuuming, and working on the downstairs dressing room
  • I’d like to share my thoughts on a few related topics, both with you and with the citizens of the midcoast region
  • Andy O’Brien’s column on fascism [Nov. 1] was a most exquisite and elegant summation of the situation from which none of us is immune. There is little to be added to it. My only proposal would be to expand the theme by suggesting another dimension which is rarely mentioned
  • Elections have a way of clearing the air and this latest election certainly did that
  • Many thanks to everyone that volunteered or gave me a few moments of their time during my campaign for the Maine Senate
  • Having witnessed the blatantly vicious and racist ad campaign, the low point of our political season, undertaken by Paula Sutton of Warren, I wanted to bring the public’s attention to another ad, this one clean and inspiring, put out by Jeffrey Evangelos of Friendship
  • I want to congratulate Dana Dow for retaining his Senate Seat in District 13, and for his collegiality during this campaign
  • Salute to Veterans—
    On October 20, a “Salute to Veterans” was held at the Orient Lodge 15 of Masons in Thomaston. This is hoped to be an annual event initiated by the Thomaston Historical Society as part of their focus on profiling and remembering area . . .
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